Necklace with jasper, freshwater pearls, onyx, and crystal beadsI make jewelry with beads and wire and loose stones.  I’ve made necklaces, bracelets, rings, ankle bracelets, and earrings.  I’ve also made chains for holding an I.D. badge and for reading glasses.  I use glass, crystal and semi-precious stone beads, as well as loose semi-precious stones.  I’m learning more wire-wrapping techniques so that I Freshwater pearls float on nearly invisible wirecan try new ideas with loose stones.  I’m also learning about a technique for weaving cord or string – it gives me another means for hanging pendants or making bracelets.

I take custom orders, I repair jewelry, and I make items to be placed on Etsy for sale.  Jewelry can be fun things or fancy things or religious things.

Prayer beads are a special interest for me.  I have a pattern for Lutheran prayer beads and a booklet that helps you pray through Luther’s Small Catechism.  I have a pattern for a Catholic Rosary.???????????????????????????????  And I have a pattern for Anglican prayer beads.  I know that other traditions also use beads as part of their prayer??????????????????????????????? traditions, and I’m learning about these, but I haven’t made any yet.

I’m learning about various semi-precious stones and their energetic properties.  Some might wonder if this is a bit beyond Christian teachings – a little New Age-y.   Click here for a discussion of why I believe it fits perfectly with a Christian understanding of the world.  I’m also learning how to make jewelry that will enhance these energies and help the wearer with healing or other aspects of life.

Blue & gold sash on black ornamentLastly, I make ornaments and jewelry for ornaments, vases, candle holders and bottles.  It’s not technically “jewelry” – but the decorations are beaded drapes for glass-ball ornaments??????????????????????????????? and containers of just about any shape.  The pictures here say more than my words can.  The drapes are made with thread or wire, depending upon the style and the use.???????????????????????????????