Daily Prayers

4 March 2015

Jesus, there is a chill in the air not caused by weather.  Help our elected leaders to get to know each other, to listen to one another’s fears and joys, and to care about all people – including those sitting across the table.  Bless them with the ability to cooperate for the good of all people in the world.  Amen

28 February 2015

Jesus, help us to walk away from the past and run toward the future by fully living in the present.  Amen

24 February 2015

Jesus, help us each day to show our love to the people we care about.  Life is too short to spend our time holding grudges.  Amen

20 February 2015

Jesus, it’s cold outside and many people have nowhere to find shelter.  Fill your people with compassion so that we give help to those who are in need.  Amen

18 February 2015

Jesus, today we hear the words “remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return.”  Help us to live fully with you, knowing that this life is temporary and life with you is eternal.  Amen

13 February 2015

Jesus, you have given us another day to share your love with the world.  Help us to use this time wisely and well.  Amen

11 February 2015

Jesus, you have shown us the power of love.  Help us to love others as you have loved us.  Amen

10 February 2015

Jesus, you have shown us what compassion truly means as you cared for all who came to you for help. Teach us to care for all in need. Amen

9 February 2015

Jesus, you are the light of the world. Help us to look at things with your light so that we can brighten the dark places of our world and bring hope to those who are stuck in the shadows. Amen

7 February 2015

Jesus, fill us with your peace, so that we can hear your voice speaking to our hearts and minds.  Help us to heed your wisdom and to overcome our pride.  Amen

6 February 2015

Jesus, help us to listen to one another and to truly hear what others are saying.  Give us the courage to cross lines and end political divisions, so that we work together toward making our world a better place for all people.  Amen

5 February 2015

Jesus, bless us with your love and grace today so that we can pass them along to others.  Amen

4 February 2015

Jesus, we are always beginning new things and running into changes in our lives.  Help us to adapt and adjust where needed and to stand our ground when change would compromise our walk with you.  Amen